CupcakKe is a Badass Video Game Character in New “Quiz” Video

The Chicago rapper beats up a fake bitch in her new video.
May 22, 2018, 1:35pm

Chicago rapper CupcakKe, aka Elizabeth Harris, has released a video for "Quiz," a new track released late last month. In the video, CupcakKe starts playing an arcade game before becoming one of the game's characters. She then plays through the game, using special moves such as 'Steal Your Man' and 'Weave Snatch' to beat up a 'fake bitch.' I'm no gamer, but I would pay lots and lots of money to pay this game.

After beating up Fake Bitch, CupcakKe proceeds to go on a _Kill Bill_-style motorcycle trip through the desert, or something. The narrative of this video game is not super clear! She does, however, end up winning the game.

"Quiz" is one of many CupcakKe videos we've seen in the past few months, along with "Crayons" and "Duck Duck Goose." A few of the rapper's videos were recently removed from (and then re-uploaded to) YouTube for violating the site's policy on explicit content. In addition to "Quiz," CupcakKe also recently collaborated with Maryland rapper Rico Nasty. Watch "Quiz" above.

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