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We Would Like to Excommunicate Mac Demarco From Canada Please

On his new 7-inch "Met Gala—Red Carpet" possible covert LeBron James fan Mac Demarco says "fuck the Toronto Raptors."

by Sarah MacDonald
May 8 2018, 2:53pm

Photos by Mauricio Santana/Getty Images and via Youtube

Being a Toronto Raptors fan isn’t easy. Look, I’m not really going to get into it, but being swept by LeBron James’ (regular season) subpar Cleveland Cavaliers last night really hurt. It’s a pain so deep that most Torontonian sports fans are kind of used to it by now (we’re let down a lot) but, still, it sucks. Adding insult to injury, Cool Guy Mac DeMarco released a new 7 inch called “Met Gala—Red Carpet” last night where he says “Fuck the Toronto Raptors.” (Let it be known that DeMarco isn’t even from Toronto—he’s from Edmonton and please don’t even get me started on the Oilers.) We’d like to revoke his Canadian passport now.

Still, I don’t know what’s worse: listening to the dub of a guy saying “Fuck the Toronto Raptors” over and over and then listing off the names of my sons or that the smooth, synth track is actually… good? It’s a classic DeMarco jam where you feel like you need a margarita and a cigarette to accompany how slick and jazzy the tune is. “She’s So Sweet” appears before DeMarco starts laying into the team.

The release also coincides, of course, with its namesake the Met Gala that happened last night, where Rihanna dressed as the Pope, effectively setting fire to all of your dumb jokes about the Young Pope from the past two years. Anyways, listen to these egregious, good tunes and let us never forget, Mac doesn’t deserve Canada.

Sarah still loves her precious idiots and would like the team to stay the same, except Serge Ibaka can immediately go. Follow her on Twitter.

This article originally appeared on Noisey CA.