Desus and Mero Discuss Morgan Freeman's Message About Trump's America

The VICELAND hosts commented on the "movie" Morgan Freeman pitches about Russia, Trump, and the current administration.

by Sarah Bellman
Sep 20 2017, 12:41pm

On Monday, the Committee to Investigate Russia released a video of actor Morgan Freeman pitching an idea for an international spy thriller. It follows the harrowing tale of our brave nation being manipulated into distrusting our political system at the hands of a former KGB spy. But by the end, Freeman explains, "this is no movie script"—but rather the truth of what's happening to America today thanks to Vladimir Putin and Trump.

During Tuesday's Desus & Mero, the VICELAND hosts watched and respectfully picked apart the actor's dramatic call to arms. They also imagined what an actual action movie would look like starring The Rock as the Bald Eagle of Justice. Let's be real, it'd be a summer blockbuster in the making, or at least better than London Has Fallen.

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