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Donald Trump claps back ... at himself

President Trump gave himself several rousing rounds of applause at the State of the Union. We've compiled it all into one long ovation.

by Oliver Noble and Ben Craw
Jan 31 2018, 12:15pm

Donald Trump's first State of the Union speech went for about 80 minutes -- one of the longest SOTU addresses in history -- but much of that time he wasn't actually speaking.

By our count, the president spent a total of over 5 minutes clapping for his own applause lines and for various guests during his speech. Which might have gone relatively unnoticed except that Trump clapped directly into the microphone, isolating the sound, overpowering the audience's applause, and irritating many misophonic viewers at home.

Check out this compilation of Trump giving himself a standing ovation, and read some of the best reactions from Twitter below.