Sorry, Haters: 'The Boss Baby' Deserves Its Oscar Nomination

That's Oscar-nominated 'The Boss Baby' to you...

by Eve Peyser
Jan 23 2018, 8:12pm

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Life is all about swallowing difficult truths, but I respect you enough to give it to you straight: The Boss Baby is a good movie. When I first mentioned this to my co-workers and Twitter followers after watching it on an airplane, I was swiftly ridiculed. After all, it had become fodder for social media shitposting, memed to death by people who had probably not seen the movie.

In response to one of my tweets praising the film—yes, film—the @VICE account responded, "delete this." But it looks like the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has vindicated me, because The Boss Baby was nominated for Best Animated Feature.

I understand the instinct to dismiss The Boss Baby, which stars Alec Baldwin as the eponymous baby who is also a boss, solely based off its promotional materials. The way the film was advertised was exceedingly silly—its tagline, "cookies are for closers," is a reference to Glengarry Glen Ross, which as we all know, is every kid's most favoritest movie after Frozen. But chances are, if you brushed aside Boss Baby as a garbage kids movie in the same category as the The Emoji Movie—which was bad in a soulless mediocre way—it's probably because you haven't seen it.

I saw The Boss Baby on an airplane six months ago, and it would dishonest to say I remember it well. But unlike a lot of children's movies and art films, The Boss Baby was actually able to hold my attention for all of its 97 minutes. Alec Baldwin's voice-acting was pretty excellent, infusing what could have been a forgettable Dreamworks picture with the Jack Donaghy edge that made the film appealing to adults.

In conclusion, don't judge a film by its poster. Also, my haters are always wrong and I am always right.

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