This Halloween, the Greatest Treat of All Is 'It's Britney, Witch!'

We stan our Supreme.

by Sara David
Oct 31 2018, 3:30pm

Screenshot from YouTube

I’m a simple girl with simple pleasures: spooky shit and pop princess Britney Spears.

So imagine my surprise when, in a late-night YouTube hole earlier this year, I stumbled upon a rare gem—a video of my Louisiana queen titled, "It’s Britney, Witch!" What life choices had I made that it took five long years to discover this perfect, transformative combination of my favorite things? Bad ones, undoubtedly, which I set out to rectify by immediately watching "It’s Britney, Witch!" 20 times in a row.

My friend Lauren Zupkus, a Britney superfan who has seen the pop princess in concert nine times and traveled to her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana to visit the Unofficial Britney Spears Museum, says that, at the time of its release, "It’s Britney, Witch!" was a godsend for Britney fans—and remains one today.

"Britney Spears fans have weathered some storms together, but 2013 was a particularly tough time to be a soldier in the Britney Army, especially after the release of the tragic Britney Jean album,” Zupkus says. "But with 'It's Britney, Witch!' we saw the Britney we fell in love with—the goofy, lively one that's usually accompanied with a bomb-ass, iconic video. Clearly, our Kentwood queen is at her best when she's allowed to have fun and not forced to promote her work or discuss her personal life."

Behold: The American Dream in all her glory, dorking out in a mom uniform replete with a peasant top and little booties. It’s undeniably delightful to see Brit-Brit embrace camp, going in and out of a shoddy British accent as she reads the poem from “Thriller," gyrates on a tiny broomstick squeezed between her thighs as she waves her hand above her head, wields a plastic axe in front of a backdrop of a cemetery, and shines a flashlight over her face like she’s telling spooky stories around a campfire.

This Halloween, please revisit—or experience for the first time—Britney Spears at her best. Now and forever: "It's Britney, Witch!"

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