T.I.'s Tiny Desk Concert Gave 'Trap Muzik' a Mini Orchestra

The Atlanta rapper celebrated 'Trap Muzik's' anniversary with some pretty talented teens.

Aug 27 2018, 2:11pm

Screenshot from NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Last week, T.I. celebrated the 15th anniversary of Trap Muzik, the 2003 album that helped carve out the sound for what much of Atlanta rap is today. T.I. revived the classic for a performance at NPR's Tiny Desk—which, it should be noted, isn't actually that tiny. Reviving the 15-year-old material, T.I. brought along children from the Atlanta Music Project, who slowed down the original's hard bass and added miniature orchestral fluorishes. In between songs, the Atlanta rapper shares career-spanning anecdotes, which includes a pretty insane story about him, Diddy, and mink coats. T.I.'s career may have evolved past providing a soundtrack for the trap, but his influence is undeniable. Watch the video below.

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