Billy Hamilton is Fast as Shit, Vol. 2,493

Billy Hamilton scored the game-winning run for the Reds on a single. From first. After almost grounding into a game-ending double play.

by Sean Newell
May 25 2017, 1:56pm

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The Baseball Gods were in the bag for the Cincinnati Reds last night, as they pulled off a somewhat miraculous comeback win over the Cleveland Indians. Billy Hamilton wound up scoring the winning run—we'll get to that in a second—moments after umpires initially ruled he ended the game on a double play.

Hamilton was up in the top of the ninth with two men on and one man out and hit a grounder to first. The Indians actually turned the double play flawlessly, especially with Hamilton flying up the first base line. Hamilton was initially ruled out and the game was over. But after a replay review, the call was overturned and Hamilton was awarded first and Arismendy Alcantara—who was on second when Hamilton hit the grounder—was allowed to go to third, with two outs.

The next batter was Zack Cozart, who lined a single to right that juuuust died right before Michael Brantley could catch it. And here's the important part: for, like, one second, Brantley couldn't find the ball and that was all Hamilton needed. He was already running on contact with two outs and with that briefest of moments, he was able to score easily without even a throw to home.

Look at this nonsense:

Hamilton was already chugging around second by the time the ball landed and turned it on halfway to third when he saw Brantley's brief misplay. Brantley didn't even bother throwing home. A single to right field and the guy scores from first without even drawing a throw, let alone a play at the plate.

And, in one of the great cosmic beauties of baseball, Brantley made the final out of the game the next inning on a grounder to second. Reds 4, Indians 3.


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