These Chilling Photos Depict America's Most Common Nightmares

Photographer Robert Hickerson recreates the terrifying scenarios we dread in our sleep.

by Robert Hickerson
May 9 2019, 2:30pm

What is the American Dream? It was once thought of as the ideal for the working public, where freedom equals opportunity and hard work leads to prosperity. It seems like in the current political climate where language feels constantly in flux, one person’s dream is another person’s nightmare. Instead of trying to define an American Dream that would bring all of us together, I thought it would be better (and possibly more unifying) to look at the nightmares we all suffer from.

All photographs by Robert Hickerson. You can follow more of his work here.

Accidentally Sustaining an Injury


The Sensation of Falling


Being Chased or Followed


Seeing the Dead


Your Teeth Falling Out


Waking Up in an Unfamiliar Room


The Death of Yourself or a Loved One


Feeling Trapped


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