We Answer Your Most Ardent Questions About 'Pride and Prejudice'

We thought we covered everything. We were wrong.

by Rob Zacny
Apr 17 2019, 2:09pm

credit: Lionsgate

Caution Warnings: We talk about assault and sexual violence over the course of this episode

Be not alarmed, listener, that this episode contains any further renewal of the Pride and Prejudice podcast series. But many different letters were laid to our charge over the course of this re-watch, and now honor demands that Austin, Natalie, and Rob be allowed to respond. We have a very serious conversation about Lydia's storyline and the challenges it poses in any adaptation or in any attempt to modernize it. We also also get some excellent food for thought about neurodivergent characters in Austen's work and in this particular adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Speaking of food, we finally learn what that "sausage pastry" was from the first episode. Thanks once again for listening to this absurdly detailed, loving, and ridiculous return to a landmark TV series.

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