Quincey White's "Graveyard or the Pen" Is a Morbidly Magnetic Rap Requiem

The LA rapper's new single and video are mournful dispatches from South Central.

Apr 10 2018, 5:17pm

Quincey White, formerly known as DUBB, is a rapper from South Central LA who offsets his straightforward raps with airy singing. The effect has been celebratory before, but his new single "Graveyard or the Pen" uses that same performance style to convey the exact opposite.

The song is a piano ballad, a grim detailing of what Quincey sees as the only two ways out of a bad neighborhood: death or incarceration. The video is suitably somber and dramatic, with Quincey rapping in front of a violinist playing along to the song and imagining life behind bars (or in the ground.) It's incredibly dark but honest stuff. Watch the "Graveyard or the Pen" video above.

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