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Check out Photos from This Weekend's Summer Frenzy with Tink and Spice

It's now officially summer.

by Noisey Staff
Jun 25 2017, 9:15pm

Last week marked the official start of summer, which means that house parties are now allowed to be sweaty and the stoop outside is a legitimate place to hang out. In honor of this, Noisey threw a party of its own in Queens on Saturday night in partnership Mixpak and Tryna Function. Dancehall phenom Spice and Chicago rapper and singer Tink headlined the 11-hour marathon, with Mixpak Sound System, Equiknoxx, Squidnice, DJ Bebe, Tygapaw, DJ Jayhood, and Kamixlo backing them up. Photographer Cheney Orr was there to capture the sets. Check out his photos below.

All photos by Cheney Orr.

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