How to Make a Bitcoin Address With a TI-89 Calculator

What's old is new again.

Apr 2 2015, 9:57pm

The power of Bitcoin is giving your dusty old TI-89 calculator a second chance of being useful.

Matt Whitlock, who helped make one of the world's first Bitcoin ATMs, is at it again. In a video posted on to Vimeo, he showed how using the calculator once only used for high school geometry and a 12-sided die makes a secure address for your Bitcoin account.

The video self-explanatory. Load up your calculator with the code, roll it 72 times and enter the number rolled into it. After that, the calculator pumps out a private key and address.

We've reached out to Whitlock to see what the purpose of this is, but someone on Reddit might have already pointed out the obvious factor: it's secure because it never connects with a "NSA backdoored" computer when generating it.