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The Pirate Bay's Peruvian Site Is Up

Finally leaving Europe behind, the site may soon ditch URLs all together.

by Ben Richmond
Dec 12 2013, 11:05pm

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The Pirate Bay has arrived in South America.

On Tuesday we recapped The Pirate Bay's year on the run from the law. The site's went through five different country-coded URLs this year, but today it finally moved to one that isn't connected to Europe, arriving at, Peru's ccTLD. This, too, might be a temporary stop for TPB. Peru was host for the last meeting of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the goal of which was described by Motherboard's Patrick McGuire as trying "to figure out what can be done about copyright offenders who transmit Hollywood’s precious content over the interweb’s tubes without paying for it."

A source inside Pirate Bay told TorrentFreak that the goal was to eventually leave behind URLs and sail off with a Bit-Torrent powered "PirateBrowser."

"Once that is available then all links and sites will be accessible through a perfectly legal piece of browser software and the rest of it will be P2P, with no central point to attack via the legal system," the source said.

We'll try to keep the map updated until then.

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