Dean Blunt’s Babyfather Project Announced an Album with the Most Incredible Art

The album will feature contributions by Arca and Mica Levi.

Feb 18 2016, 10:15pm

Image courtesy of the label

Earlier this month, the British avant-garde rapper Dean Blunt uploaded his Platinum Tears mixtape to his Babyfather project's Soundcloud only to take it down not long after. Now we know why: Hyperdub has announced an official Babyfather album. In the words of Blunt in a now removed track: "Bless."

The details surrounding BBF Hosted by DJ Escrow (including the origins of its title) are murky, but the cover art deserves singular praise—that sun will never set upon the glory of that hover board. We also have the expansive track list, and confirmed contributions from Arca and Mika Levi. As for the rest, it is unknown who DJ Escrow is, nor do we know the identities of the two guys standing with Blunt for the Babyfather press photo.

Of course, we should know more once the album is released on April 1 (unless this is grand April Fool's joke). Check out the track list below and listen to the only two tracks currently available from Babyfather, the Arca collab "Meditations," (which will be on the album) and the 30-minute mostly instrumental mixtape "UK2UK."

BBF Hosted by DJ Escrow track list:

01 Stealth Intro
02 Greezebloc
03 Meditation ft Arca
04 Escrow
05 Shook
06 Motivation
08 Platinum Cookies
09 Esco Freestyle
10. Stealth
11. God Hour ft Mica Levi
12. N.A.Z
13. Juice
15. Killuminatti
16. Escrow 2
17. Deep ft Arca
18. Escrow 3
19. The Realness
20. Flames
21. Snm ft Arca
22. Stealth Outro
23. Message

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