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Waze & Odyssey's New Track Immerses You in Pleasurably Grungy House

Like a cross between Jane Fonda and Liquid G.

by Rebecca Krauss
Nov 11 2015, 8:24pm

Waze & Odyssey's "On The Downlow" feels like a cross between an uber-perky Jane Fonda workout soundtrack and a memory from that one and only time you took Liquid G and somehow ended up in a LED-lit basement with Japanese exchange students.

"This has been bumping in our sets for a little while now, we're glad you can finally hear it in the comfort of your own living room," the duo tells THUMP of their house track, which has already been showcased in the mixes of both Annie Mac and Skream. That's not surprising — the song's repeated vocal element, "on the downlow," demands the attention of listeners, immersing them in a pleasurably grungy zone.

The first in a serious of new releases that stray from the duo's previously airy techno sounds, don't expect the duo to remain "On The Downlow" for long. Waze & Odyssey, former UK chart-toppers for their R. Kelly "Bump N' Grind" remix, are on the verge of house music enlightenment.

"On The Downlow" will be released on November 23 through W&O Street Tracks

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