Jono Ma Shares His Rapturously Hazy Remix of Temples' Latest Single

The Jagwar Ma has done an "Even Stranger Version" of the English band's "Strange Or Be Forgotten."

by Alexander Iadarola
Feb 15 2017, 3:10pm

Remix artwork courtesy of the artists

Australian producer Jono Ma, of Future Classic-affiliated band Jagwar Ma, today shared his "Even Stranger Version" of English psychedelic band Temples' recent single "Strange Or Be Forgotten." The track is organized as an extended groove, alive with hums and clangs growing across its surface like mold spores. After it builds to a chaotic fever pitch, the mist eventually clears away for a blissed-out two-chord progression in accompaniment with Temples' original song's chorus.

In an enigmatic statement over email, Ma gave some mythical background on the dance-floor bomb.

"For centuries the Temple of Panthera Onca has been a source of moral guidance, growth and exploration offering charity, protection and Shelter to those in need of repentance, salvation and salivation," he wrote. "This most recent of messages from the Modern Temple of Jaguar preaches patience, abstinence of a kind, and the desire to embrace the strange and the even stranger."

"Jagwar Ma have a real way of crafting hypnotic songs," added Temples, "and they have thrown "Strange or be Forgotten" into a strange land of dance rhythms and pulsating atmospheric nuances."

Andrew Weatherall recently shared a sprawling 10-minute of Jagwar Ma that sounds like wet concrete smells.

Temples' new album Volcano will be released on March 3, and is available for pre-order.

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