TCF's New Track on PAN Is an Encrypted Midi Vortex

"C6 81 56 28 09 34 31 D2..." may sound minimalist, but it contains over 150,000 notes.

by Alexander Iadarola
Mar 8 2017, 9:35pm

Photo courtesy of the artist

Berlin-based producer Lars Holdhus, a.k.a. TCF, today shared a serene yet structurally overwhelming new track off experimental imprint PAN's forthcoming ambient compilation, mono no aware. Like all TCF tracks, the title of "C6 81 56 28 09 34 31 D2 F9 9C D6 BD 92 ED FC 6F 6C A9 D4 88 95 8C 53 B4 55 DF 38 C4 AB E7 72 13" is encrypted text, or ciphertext, containing information inaccessible to listeners who aren't accomplished cryptographers. The sound work itself similarly has a world of indiscernible detail hiding within its deceptively placid melodic framework, juxtaposing a cloud of continuous harmonic resonance with an underlying rush of sounds moving faster than the human ear can catch.

Indeed, while the track may sound like a "minimalist" composition, Holdhus explained over email that it's anything but. "I've been working a new method of composing inspired by stochastic music and black midi," he said. "The song consists of over 150,000 midi notes. It came out of the idea of making an ambient track through a lot of small events, instead of long sustained synth pad sounds which is often a standard ingredient in ambient music."

mono no aware is available for pre-order, and will be out at the end of March, exact date TBD; it was first released in a limited vinyl edition at the Los Angeles Art Book Fair in February.

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