Join Soulwax on a Nine Minute Prog-Disco Journey into the Cosmos with a Shock Machine Remix

The Belgian brothers' take on Shock Machine's "Open Up the Sky" is a mind-altering future classic.

by Josh Baines
Jun 3 2016, 2:20pm

What do you reckon you'd see if you opened up the sky? Probably more sky to be honest, given that unless you're literally standing on a planet or a star or one of those bits of rubbish that floats sadly into infinity, pretty much everything is sky. That's what most of us would see, anyway. The Soulwax lads have a different idea.

The Belgian brothers have decided to take ex-Klaxon James Righton's Shock Machine project on the kind of extended psychedelic journey that's become something of a trademark for them in recent years. Their take on "Open up the Sky" transforms the track from a melancholic psych-pop number into a churning rumbler that pounds, chirrups, and soars into the stratosphere—and it's all grounded by a Balearic monster of a bassline.

Check it out exclusively here on THUMP below.

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