New Wolf + Lamb Act Cameo Culture Made Us the Most Laid Back Mixtape

Plus check the exclusive on the opening track of his genre-defiant new album "Burning Bright"

by Jemayel Khawaja
Mar 25 2015, 8:29pm

Brooklyn label Wolf + Lamb has made a habit of unearthing gems. From Soul Clap to No Regular Play, Life on Planets, and Nick Monaco, the label's vibe is always laid back, a take on modern chill that forays everywhere from house to soul to sets heavy on live elements. Their latest discovery is New Yorker Cameo Culture, whose Burning Bright album is released March 30 on the label.

The record is brimming with character as it dips as far and wide as jazz, disco, house, ambient, and all the places in between you never knew existed. It's an album made by someone who is very obviously a musician in addition to being a producer, and that's why it so breezily flits through its petite 9 track arrangement

In celebration, Cameo Culture's made us the chillest mixtape ever. It's actually that chill. Ever. Put it on, and if you're not at least 17% more horizontal after listening, you should probably consult your doctor. It's approximately 90 minutes unbound by genre, drawn by vibe, and sequenced with a playful flair that captures the vastness of Cameo Culture's influence base.

If you're intrigued by the sojourn in to CC's mind, here's a taste of Burning Bright, the first cut off the LP, titled "Gimme Love." It's not your average first-track banger. In fact, it has more in common with decades old jazz than it does with today's house music, but that's probably part of the reason the ever-intrepid Wolf + Lamb were so keen to sign the producer.

Cameo Culture is on Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter