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Spanish Producer Pional Wants to Break Your Heart With His New EP, 'When Love Hurts'

Here the first single, "Casualty," exclusively here.

by Angus Harrison
Aug 16 2016, 2:02pm

It takes a lot for an electronic artist to put their own voice into their music, and there are many who would suggest that a large portion of musicians never truly do. This is not, however, an accusation that will long be applicable to Spanish producer and Hivern Discs associate Pional. This September he is set to produce his most honest work to do date, his new EP When Love Hurts.

Despite the bleakness of the title, this is heartbreak through Pional's lens, which crucially means stretches of luscious, infectious melody threaded through thick, robust grooves. This time around, Pional is putting his voice on line in the most literal sense, actually laying down vocals. The end result is a subtle, moving paean to the aches and pains of love and loss.

In Pional's own words: "A year ago I started working on this record. It's been a long journey and I can´t believe that it's coming out. So far, this is the most personal music I've ever made. Here is "Casualty", my first single from "When Love Hurts" and I feel it's reflective of the story behind the EP. The full release will be out 30th September on Counter Records. Hope you enjoy it and THANKS for your support!"

The EP is out on Ninja Tune affiliated Counter Records on the 30th of September, but we are streaming "Casualty" below.

Pre-order When Love Hurts here.