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24 Songs in 24 Hours With Physical Therapy

The finest in "drum n’ space, dream house, and 3-step."

by Jessica Gentile
Aug 22 2013, 10:00pm

Yes! Finally it's here. On September 9 the mysterious Urban Cowboy of New Jersey will drop his new three-track EP, White Label. The EP is Physical Therapy's second EP since his debut on NYC's Hippos in Tanks, and this time he's coming at us via Sinden's Grizzly imprint all the way over in Londontown. We can expect the finest in "drum n' space, dream house, and 3-step."

The best thing about Physical Therapy is that you can never tell where his head's at. One day he is posting an edit of Moby and the next day he is tweeting about his favorite Alicia Keys song—then you will go see him DJ and he'll play some weird trance radio hit that you haven't heard since that one time you turned on the radio at 5AM when you were 17 because you couldn't sleep after sneaking out your window to go to some suburban basement rave. So I asked him about a day in his life, and he gave me answers in soundtrack form.

1:00 PM Joey Beltram - "Game Form"
For some reason i always want to listen to this track as soon as I wake up—it's like coffee.

2:00 PM Ian Pooley - "Venasque"
By now I'm stoned and need some positive influences so I don't consider going back to bed.

3:00 PM System of Survival - "I Can't Find Food"
A nod to an empty fridge.

4:00 PM RRose - "Secretion"
Still hungry—this track sounds exactly like my stomach growling.
5:00 PM Land of the Loops - "Heidi Cakes"
Post-kale binge glow.
6:00 PM Prodigy - "Voodoo People (Dust Brothers Remix)"
Alienating sit-ups and chopping up breaks.
7:00 PM The Railway Raver - "202 to Ravetown"
909 practice.

8:00 PM Pepe Bradock - "Lifting Weights"
TR-303 practice time


9:00 PM Truncate - "Modify"
The gym is finally cleared of the after-work crowd so I'm actually lifting weights. This is the only song that can motivate me.

10:00 PM Ella Fitzgerald - "Miss Otis Regrets"
Quiet glass of protein shake by candlelight.

11:00 Gobby - "Krylon Surf Magix"
Getting pumped to get pumped to go out.

12:00 AM Bubbles - "Bidibodi Bidibu"
Getting pumped to go out.

1:00AM Jam & Spoon - "Stella (Moby's Electro Mix)"
Download of Jam & Spoon complete discography finished... must listen all the way through.

2:00AM Pedro Pietri - "Telephone Booth #905"
Youtube spoken word black hole.

3:00 AM Mr. Beatnick ft. Ahu - "I Know All The Bitches"
Not going out for that reason.

Awanto3 - "Crappy Joyride"
Drive two blocks to the bodega.

5:00 Arca - "Focus"
Very focused. Actually being productive right now.
6:00 AM Green Velvet - "The Stalker (Losing My Mind)"
All the roommates are asleep and I am recording creepy vocal takes.

7:00 AM Johannes Heil - "Paranoid Dancer (DJ Hell Remix)"
All the Hasids in the neighborhood are awake and they suspiciously watch me testing tracks and blasting DJ Hell while parked in my car.

8:00 AM 3 Drives on a Vinyl - "Europe 2000"
Tweeting at Europeans who are now awake.

9:00AM DJ Misjah - "Psyko Feelings"
Making weird awful changes to finished tracks without saving the original.
10:00 AM Crematory - "The Eyes of Suffering (House of Pain Mix)"
Losing my ability to tell when tracks are actually horrible.

11:00AM Levon Vincent - "No Regrets"
Sticking to my guns.The changes are good.

12:00 PM Thomas Schumacher - "Wig-Out Into"
take that back and spend an hour trying to figure out how to recover files in Ableton.

1:00 The Faders - "No Sleep Tonight"
I fall asleep during the first five minutes of "She's The Man."

Keep up with Physical Therapy on Soundcloud and at Grizzly's website.

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