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Music Just Became a Bigger Part of Vine

A bunch of new features are making Vine a more friendly place for music people.

by Michelle Lhooq
Aug 28 2015, 1:20am

Vine has announced a bunch of new features that the company hopes will strengthen its relationship with people who like music (so like, pretty much everyone). One of the defining features of Vine right now is that its posts loop continuously with sound—allowing you to watch Porter Robinson playing his laptop keyboard, the best moments of Ultra, or just a dog freaking out to Fetty over and over without a break in lols.

Tonight, Vine launched a new feature called Snap to the Beat, which will let you create perfect, never-ending loops—that thing when you listen to a Vine and can't tell the beginning from the end. Without having to obsess over timing and editing, you'll now be able to turn this feature on with a twitch of your finger.

Vine is also launching a new Featured Tracks section, which will include tracks by Avicii and ODESZA. When you tap the music note, you'll be able to choose songs from this section to add to your Vine—a handy way to discover new music. You'll also be able to find out what songs are playing on other Vines through the app itself, instead of having to be that guy asking "track ID?" on every single post. Head over to Vine's blog for more details.

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