Fabric Director Says There’s No “Pleasure or Relief” in Club’s Reopening

“I don't think we're going to be looking over this particular chapter with… fond memories.”

by Krystal Rodriguez
Jan 6 2017, 5:37pm

Image courtesy of Fabric

Tonight (January 6), four months after fabric was forced to close following a pair of drug-related deaths, the London clubbing institution is reopening its doors. Though it's celebrated as a victory for nightlife, the venue's director, Cameron Leslie, told BBC Newsbeat yesterday in an interview he will get no "pleasure or relief" from the occasion.

"We're obviously delighted we're going to be re-opening but I don't think we're going to be looking over this particular chapter with any kind of fond memories," said Leslie. "There was definitely a belief amongst us that we would be able to get the project back open again. But there's been moments when we've been deeply concerned. It would be wrong of me to say otherwise."

The interview comes on the heels of an inquest hearing, where it was revealed that the death of 18-year-old Jack Crossley, one of the club's two fatalities this past summer, was caused by MDMA toxicity. According to the hearing, he had taken drugs at the venue after hiding them in his boxers, and bought more from a stranger inside.

In November, Fabric reached a settlement with Islington Council that would allow the club to reopen, but with stricter conditions, including upping the minimum age to 19, a new ID-scanning system, "covert surveillance" within the club, and lifetime bans for anyone caught with or buying drugs.

Describing the negotiations as "pretty intense," Leslie told Newsbeat, "The fact we reached the settlement shows there was a willingness on both sides. It's my belief there is a strong will on the part of the council and the police to want to see a thriving Fabric. That's what we've got to cling to and hope that is the case."