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How to Make Apple Pie Sorbet and Eat All of Your Dessert at Once

There's a chill on the horizon, but we're choosing to embrace it by diving face-first into sorbet. Specifically, apple pie sorbet—a double-whammy of dessert pleasure.

by Munchies Staff
Jan 25 2017, 1:00am

Winter is, in fact, coming—and in more ways than one. We could struggle against the inevitability of the coming chill, or we could embrace it. At least the good parts, anyway.

We're talking about sorbet. Specifically, apple pie sorbet.

Thank heaven for small mercies.


All photos by Sydney Mondry.

This one comes courtesy of Elise Kornack of Brooklyn's Take Root, where Kornack and her wife, Anna Hieronimus, serve tasting menus to a mere 12 diners at a time.


While that might sound fancy, this sorbet is not. But it's not just some frozen apple juice, either.


To start, Kornack cooks sliced apples in butter to get them to that tender, soft, pie-filling consistency.


Once that's done, she purées them in a blender along with some fresh apples and apple juice, for extra apple punch.


She then passes that through a strainer for a super-silky texture.


Then comes the additives: sugar, of course, along with some citric acid (the stuff that's found in lemons and limes, and easily sourced online) for a little bit of lip-puckering zing.


The problem with a lot of sorbet, however, is that it often gets grainy and melts rather quickly. Kornack's chef solution: stabilizer and xanthan gum, also easily found online.


All of those get blended together one more time, resulting in an ultra-smooth base that will remain creamy when frozen, even though it doesn't contain a drop of cream.


Give it a spin in whatever kind of ice cream machine you have, and you suddenly have the best of both worlds: a cool dessert and comforting pie.

RECIPE: Apple Pie Sorbet
Photo by Sydney Mondry

We're going to be powering through a lot of this in the coming days, and you should, too.