Tigers Have Apparently Joined the Animal Resistance Against Drones

Watch the hungry beasts rip a flying robot out of the sky and feed on its carbon fiber carcass.
February 23, 2017, 5:52pm
Screenshot via China Central Television

If drones ever reached the singularity and attempted to wipe out the human race, we can rest assured that the rest of the animal kingdom wouldn't go down quietly. The future drone wars will apparently not only be fought from the sky by selfish eagles—tigers will also wreck the flying robots if they fly too low to the ground.

Some Siberian tigers in China demonstrated that when they were caught on camera in their enclosure chasing down a drone and then leaping into the air, bringing it down for a feast. Unlike the French birds of prey being trained by the military to take down unmanned aircrafts, tigers seem naturally inclined to take down flying drones like they would a bird. The China Central Television footage even caught the large cats chewing on the robot's frame, probably puzzled at the lack of meat.

The drone—which Gizmodo points out was likely a DJI Inspire—was reportedly flying above the enclosure to grab some aerial footage of the hungry beasts. Whoever was flying it just happened to move it a too low, solidifying its inevitable fate.