David Price Getting the Dreaded Dr. James Andrews Second Opinion

David Price experience elbow/forearm discomfort after a simulated game and had an MRI.

by Sean Newell
Mar 2 2017, 4:27pm

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Well, it's a good thing the Red Sox picked up Chris Sale this offseason. Reports out of Boston's camp have David Price heading to football's annual Indianapolis meat market, and not to watch beefy men run sprints with their shirts off. He's going there because (ominous music begins) Indianapolis is where Dr. James Andrews is right now, for the NFL Combine. Price experienced forearm discomfort following a simulated game two days ago and it apparently hasn't subsided; he's already had an MRI and now is going to get a second opinion from the last person a pitcher ever wants to see. Dr. Andrews is one of the names most closely associated with Tommy John surgery, second only to, you know, Tommy John.

Different reports have Price experiencing soreness in different places in his arm—either the forearm or the elbow—but discomfort in either area is not what anyone would call "good." Tommy John surgery repairs a tear in the ulnar collateral ligament, which connects the forearm to the upper arm at the elbow.

Manager John Farrell had some equally disconcerting things to say about Price, noting that while Price had experience similar discomfort before, there was more "intensity" this time.

"He came out of a sim game the other day with increased soreness, so we're holding him out," Farrell said. "He's gone through some soreness in the forearm/elbow area in previous spring trainings, but this one has a little more intensity to it."

Price has already been scratched from his start on Sunday. It's still too early to know anything, but if it is his UCL and surgery is required, the recovery time, while improved, is still usually a full season. According to Jeff Passan, Boston is "not optimistic."

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