Cross-Country Runner Gets Absolutely Wrecked by Deer

A group of deer ran through a cross-country race and one absolutely destroyed a runner.

by Sean Newell
Nov 16 2016, 9:45pm

It's really going to be a shame when Vine shuts down because this is a scene made for the format. We have an idyllic pasture bathed in sunlight, with young athletes participating in a cross country race and, look, here comes a little bit of wildlife adding to the Rockwellian vibe, when out of nowhere, TOTAL ANNIHILATION.

We hope both the deer and runner are OK, but holy shit did you see that? Those deer were hauling ass and one of them just pasted a guy so hard that he went flying through the air like a Street Fighter character. Also, you have to watch with the audio on. It's six seconds of perfection:

Onlooker: Watch out for the deer!

Deer immediately plows through some poor dude who would not, or could not watch out for the deer.

Everyone else: OOOH!

No matter how advanced we get as a species, Mother Nature is always there with a not-so-gentle reminder that the animals will one day rise up and own us, one by one.

Update: If you are curious, we have some more information on this. The video is from Pennsylvania during the NCAA Division III Midwest Regional for cross country. The guy who got run over is Gwynedd Mercy College senior Justin DeLuzio and, though bruised and battered, he was able to finish the race. One of his teammates saw the collision and doubled back to get him back on his feet and ran with him the whole rest of the race.