Video Released of Joe Mixon Punching Woman in the Face

Joe Mixon had his attorney release the graphic video of him punching a woman in a local sub shop.

by Sean Newell
Dec 16 2016, 11:20pm

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

On December 6, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that the City of Norman had to release surveillance video showing Sooners running back Joe Mixon punching Amelia Molitor in a 2014 altercation at Pickleman's Cafe in Norman. It is a vicious punch and Molitor was slammed into the table she was leaning on and appears to have been knocked unconscious. She suffered multiple facial fractures. As a result, Mixon was charged with misdemeanor "acts resulting in gross injury," suspended from the team for one year and was put on probation and ordered to serve 100 hours of community service under a plea deal.

The city had refused to release the footage, so local media sued for its publication and the court ruled in their favor. There was no timeframe for when it had to be released, so Mixon had his attorney, Blake Johnson, do it Friday evening.

Johnson explained in a letter:

"While Mr. Mixon is not a party to the OAB lawsuit and has not been directed by the Court to make any disclosure, he does not see any reason for the release of the recording at issue in that lawsuit to be delayed any longer," Johnson wrote in the letter.

"Further delay appears only to be generating unfounded speculation about what is shown in that video," the attorney wrote. "We also see no reason to withhold the second recording we received from Ms. Molitor's attorneys and so have included it as well."

Releasing the video of the punch now avoids the possibility the city of Norman would release it days before OU plays Auburn in the Sugar Bowl.

Wouldn't want to interfere with the big time Bowl Game.

Oklahoma released a statement regarding the video.

Molitor sued Mixon in Oklahoma City federal court, but last month, U.S. District judge Joe Heaton dismissed all of her claims except intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The video, if you'd like to watch it, is below. It is graphic, and reminiscent of Ray Rice knocking his fiancee unconscious.

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