Chris Long Goes off on Twitter Fools About White House Visit

Chris Long won the Super Bowl, is a free agent, and won't be going to the White House. He explained why in a woke tweetstorm last night.

by Sean Newell
Feb 17 2017, 5:09pm

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Chris Long is one of a handful of New England Patriots players who have publicly stated that they would not attend a ceremony honoring their Super Bowl victory at the White House. They have been praised in some corners, while also taking a lot of guff from the internet's Fuming Pepe community. Long has explained his position, saying he has "plenty of serious political reasons" not to go, but that at the end of the day he's making a personal decision. In the current climate of exactly zero nuance or capacity to accept that reasonable minds can disagree on things, this has not gone over well. So, Long tried to hash it out on Twitter.

One user appears to have been the breaking point, telling Long to both "be a man" and "be tolerant not intolerant." (Brief moment of pause here to note that the current occupant of the White House silenced a Jewish reporter and called him a liar when he asked a question about growing anti-semitism in the country in the midst of his wildfire-side chat yesterday.) Long then decided to drop some knowledge on the timeline.

And the kicker (it's worth clicking through, promise):

Long speaks a lot of truth in these brief tweets—most fans assume athletes are dumb and should #sticktosports, and most people, regardless of politics, react poorly when others disagree with them, and, really, the visit really is just a photo op. In the end, maybe folks should heed the words of NFL Living Legend Tom Brady: "if people don't want to go they don't want to go and that's their choice."