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Is There Any Science in 'Westworld?'

Radio Motherboard discusses when we'll have have artificial intelligence on par with Westworld, talks about the state of AI research with a Facebook engineer, and an old friend returns to the show.

by Jason Koebler
Dec 13 2016, 9:45pm

Like much of America, we are big fans of HBO's 'Westworld,' but not because of the science in the show. To be honest, the show doesn't really bother trying to explain how its hosts work, but in doing so, it allows the show to ask some of the big ethical questions associated with artificial intelligence and our pursuit of the singularity.

Radio Motherboard talks to Facebook AI researcher Antoine Bordes about where we are in the development of general artificial intelligence right now, and we bring back our former managing editor Adrianne Jeffries (hi Adrianne!), who now runs our favorite Westworld podcast, called "Out West," over at her new website The Outline.

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