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Behold 'Doom 2' Being Displayed on a Single Keyboard Key

Proof that everything on the internet isn't terrible.

by David Bixenspan
Dec 14 2016, 5:00pm

Image: ModDB

In 2016, it's not unusual to see "Doom run on [X device]" video show up, as it has long been a staple of the open source scene. Every since the seminal first person shooter had its source code released, it's practically become a demonstration of whether or not a device:

  1. Can run Linux in some form or fashion.
  2. Is at least as capable as a PC from 1993.

The result? Lots of cameras, MP3 players with screens, and so on running Doom.

This video, however, is not that. Instead of a weird device running Doom, this weird device, the Optimus Maximus keyboard, is just displaying Doom. On a single key. In glorious 48x48 resolution. Designed for use in environments requiring multiple character sets, or pre-programmed functions on each key (like video editing), it looks like the Maximus is no longer manufactured. Its replacement, the Optimus Popularis, runs a cool $1,500, but you can find it used for less.

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