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Here’s the Trailer for ‘Civilization 6’

by Emanuel Maiberg
May 11 2016, 3:46pm

Image: 2K Games.

Publisher 2K Games and developer Firaxis just announced Civilization VI, the latest entry in the beloved strategy game series.

As is tradition, 2K revealed the game with a trailer that will look and feel nothing like the final game. A soaring score plays over images of world leaders and pivotal moments in human history, from the D-Day landing in Normandy to the first rockets that reached into outer space.

Effective, for sure, but playing Civilization feels more like balancing a checkbook and moving pieces across a Carcassonne-like board game. Not that that's a bad thing! I love Civilization games and they are basically never bad. Last year's Civilization: Beyond Earth was a bit of a disappointment because it wasn't different enough and didn't capitalize on its science-fiction themes, but it was still good in the way that Civilization games are good.

It's fun to manage and tell the story over thousands of years, making decisions that ripple through time and the world around you. It's an entertaining parallel to real-world history, which is why we were obsessed with this game where 61 AIs, each controlling a different civilization, fought for supremacy in Civilization V.

Civilization VI is ditching space and going back to the series' roots on Earth. There are always small tweaks between Civilization games, but according to GameSpot the big change here is that Civilization VI will "unstack" cities.

Upgrading cities with new building is one of the most important things you do in Civilization. Previously, you picked a tile to build the city, and all improvements were built on top of it. In Civilization VI, improvements will expand cities to adjacent tiles. Might sound like a minor difference if you haven't been playing these games over the years, but it will have a huge impact on how players plan to grab territory and strategy overall.

Either way, it'll probably be good. It's a new Civilization game.