Australian Police Are Actively Trying to Arrest Motorized Picnic Table Riders

Perth police have launched the most absurd manhunt.

by Rachel Pick
Nov 17 2015, 2:33pm

Image: Western Australia Police

Australia is known for being pretty chill, as a nation. It's an outdoorsy, laid-back kind of place. So this group of mates cruising around Perth on two motorized picnic tables is peak Aussie.

The Western Australia Police posted a short clip on Facebook of the nine offenders motoring their creations down an alarmingly busy road, and said they are seeking the men for "failure to wear proper protective clothing," but that they could also be charged with driving an unlicensed vehicle and drunk driving, the last of which is a little preemptive.

Bizarrely, this isn't even the first time this has happened. A man from London, Ontario got into trouble with the police after he drove his picnic table/lawnmower Frankenstein up onto a sidewalk and tried to enjoy some booze in the fresh, open air.

In the Facebook comments, people are rooting overwhelmingly against the police, and hoping the revelers evade justice. As one commenter says, "nothing more aussie than driving a park bench down the road in [sandals] and shorts."