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Skip Bayless Calls Johnny Manziel an Alcoholic, 'First Take' Still the Worst

"First Take" couldn't let the New Year come without remind everyone that it is just the worst.

by Sean Newell
Dec 29 2014, 7:50pm

In the same show he criticized Aaron Rodgers for being overly dramatic about his injuries, Skip Bayless called Johnny Manziel an alcoholic. Skip and Stephen A. Smith were discussing the Browns and how a party reportedly thrown by the rookie quarterback on Friday led to the suspension of Josh Gordon, among other organizational distress. Rather than wonder aloud how a professional sports organization tasked with building a respected and successful franchise seems incapable of doing that job, a very concerned Skip Bayless called Johnny Manziel an alcoholic and Stephen A. ran with it.

You can go ahead and watch that video up there, but you already know that the goons on First Take did those things because the goons on First Take do those things all the time. The entire reason that show is on television is for these two to say outrageous things, because people eat that shit up. Which is why ESPN will get very serious when First Take screws up, but will never give up on it. First Take is an eyesore for the company, a perpetual fuck up that carries with it a reputation for controversy, and ESPN is perfectly fine trotting it out there every week. Exactly because First Take is ESPN's Johnny Manziel. 

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