DeAndre Jordan Picks his Nose, Wipes it on J.J. Redick

DeAndre Jordan videobombed J.J. Redick last night after the Clippers beat the Hornets 99-92. He picked his nose (twice) and wiped it on Redick's back.

by Sean Newell
Mar 18 2015, 2:27pm

It's in the nature of the athlete to always push the envelope, testing the limits of what is possible and even acceptable, so it makes sense that this trait would carry over into other areas of life like, say, videobombing a teammate. DeAndre Jordan took the videobombing game to new and disgusting levels when he picked his nose, both nostrils, and wiped it on J.J. Redick as he did his post-game interview with Fox Sports' Kristina Pink.

Jordan didn't get too deep into his mucous membranes, but he wanted us to believe he did, which may be even weirder than the thing itself. Another troubling thing to think about: what did he do with the boogers on the hand he didn't wipe on Redick?