Projection-Mapped Dresses Are Sound Visualizers You Can Wear

Clothing is the canvas in design studio Proforma's new projection mapping installation.

by Kevin Holmes
May 19 2015, 2:00pm

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Projection mapping and fashion unite in this project by designers ProformaNicola Buttari and Martino Chiti—which sees the duo creating an audiovisual installation for fashion label DROMe. Glitchy visuals react to sounds, changing patterns and formations on the surface of a white dress. At just a bit more than one minute, the performance is short, but its idea would undoubtedly make for an interesting fashion statement—to be able to change what you're wearing in an instant, just by making noise. What we're unsure about is whether or not your friend will carry your projector in their purse.

We've seen projection mapped haute couture before—just look at the work of designer Franck Sorbier—but Proforma's sonic addition means that in the future, you might be able to really mess with people's heads when you're cutting shapes on the dancefloor. Check it out below:

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Nicola Buttari
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