These Hypnotic Animations Deform Geometry

UK-based designer Matthew Lucas makes GIFs that spin with the kinetic consciousness of a ballet dancer.

by Luis Carreño
Apr 1 2016, 1:35pm

Images courtesy the artist

Known for elegant loops of geometric objects to biological beings that mutate, Mathew Lucas is a multitalented designer who makes incredibly mesmerizing GIFs. The UK-based creator's works seem to fold into themselves in neat orders or spin with the self-awareness of a ballet dancer. The movement and dexterity of the animations apear to be small cosmos of energy bursting on our computer screens. They're little reminders of how wonderous small works of art can be. In Lucas' work below, we see an aesthetic attuned to spinning and cycling endlessly. Each piece is a thoughtful meditation to get lost—or found—within. 

Check out more of Lucas' work below:

Learn more about the artist on GIPHY.

A version of this article originally appeared on The Creators Project Mexico.


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