Inside the Design of Nonotak's Infinite Space

This installation was created to blur the lines between the real and virtual.

by The Creators Project
Jun 1 2016, 4:05pm

Gearing up for our month-long Future Forward event series presented by the all-new Prius, The Creators Project team goes behind the scenes with the commissioned artists as they craft their interactive installations.

Through light, mirrors, and sound, conceptual artists Nonotak Studio create what they call “infinite space.” In this video, the duo demonstrates how their prototype, Plume, evolved into the Hoshi concept for Future Forward, the new partnership between The Creators Project and the all-new Prius.

Comprised by illustrator Noemi Schipfer and architect/producer Takami Nakamoto, the Nonotak Studio operates out of Paris. With Hoshi, they seek to design a sense of the future by blurring the lines between the real and virtual. A key goal of this project, and their work more broadly, is for the technology to be invisible—to fully immerse viewers in the experience. The video looks at how the scale of this project, such as the huge mirrors used in the piece, led Nonotak to consider their design process more efficiently. They brought Tennessee-based fabricator Shane Roberts on board to help with the industrial design of the structure, figuring out the technical ways to execute Nonotak’s vision further.

 Hoshi  will feature an original soundscape composition by Takami Nakamoto. You can listen to his other compositions leading up to the events here.

The Future Forward event series presented by the all-new Prius will take place in three cities: in New York on June 4th, in Chicago on June 18th, and in LA on June 25. We will be posting full-length behind-the-scenes video profiles leading up to the kickoff event in New York City. RSVP for the Future Forward event series here


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