Illustrations of Women Aspiring for the "New" Normal

Painter and illustrator Laura Callaghan disses inspirational quotes in her new show, 'Aspirational.'
June 7, 2016, 2:10pm
Images courtesy KK Outlet

Riffing of the ubiquity of meaningless inspirational quotes, Irish illustrator Laura Callaghan's new show Aspirational at KK Outlet shines a spotlight on real women who are inspiring in their own complex ways. Whether they're performing their beauty routines, crying ugly tears, or just hanging out in their rooms, Callaghan's comic-books-meet-daydreams characters spring to life because we recognize their interests and personalities in the girls we know. The new set of watercolor paintings, printed textiles, and screen prints for Aspirational continues the exploration of femininity she talked about when we checked in with her last year. Check out the new works below.

Aspirational is on display at KK Outlet through July 2. See more of Laura Callaghan's work on her website.


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