The Best Things We Saw at Zona Maco 2016 [Photos]

These were some of the most popular pieces we saw during Mexico City's Art Week.

by Luis Carreño
Feb 8 2016, 8:20pm

Soumaya Toilet by Santiago Sierra and Yoshua Okon Zona. Photo by xt_hisashi

A few days ago we showed you some of the things you could do during Art Week in Mexico City. The festival, Zona Maco 2016 came to an end over the weekend, and now we present to you a selection of some of the most popular works among attendees. Instagram profiles showed preferences for certain parts of the exhibition, including sculpture Soumaya Toilet, a golden vagina, Botero pieces, and colorful abstract sculptures, all creative expressions that fulfilled their aesthetic, transcendental, and meaningful roles.

See a few of attendees' favorites, and let us know what you enjoyed at Zona Maco 2016 in the comments, below:

In between Anish Kapoor

Una foto publicada por Melhem Haddad (@melhem.haddad) el

The #INM took my baby away, they took her away, away from me. #institutonacionaldemigración

Una foto publicada por Ariem Sgremo (@no_es_mario) el

Dandelion Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Una foto publicada por Melhem Haddad (@melhem.haddad) el

Amor, Paul Kasmin Gallery Nueva York - Zona MACO 2016

Una foto publicada por Oswaldo Morales (@xt_hisashi) el

"Una de las obras más sobresalientes de #zonamaco2016" @forbeslifelatam

Una foto publicada por galeriahilariogalguera (@galeriahilariogalguera) el


Una foto publicada por figgsdesign® (@figgsdesign) el

DURBAN | MIAMI #zonamaco2016

Una foto publicada por figgsdesign® (@figgsdesign) el

@KasminGallery #IvánNavarro Tuning 2015 #High #Tone #Tune #Bass #Mute #Deaf #ZonaMaco2016

Una foto publicada por Alekzis (@alekzis) el

Click here to learn more about Zona Maco. 

A version of this article originally appeared on The Creators Project Mexico. 


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