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In celebration of Mexican Independence Day, here are six artists whose work says, "¡Viva México!"

by Beckett Mufson
Sep 16 2016, 4:25pm


The misconception that Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day makes a comeback each September 16, the actual anniversary of Mexico's declaration of war against colonial Spain. Today is the 206th celebration of the national holiday, and to honor the occasion we're highlighting six Mexican artists continuing the tradition of independence by making beautiful loops for the internet.

Animator Jorge Calderon, a.k.a., Sanderick often adapts the imagery of indigenous peoples to the sleek minimalism of the net. Luis Antonio Tovar Segura (LATS) fuses the physical and the digital in creative and visually intriguing ways. Mexico City-based Colorado native Devon Van Houten Maldonado created colorful animated collages using the symbols of his surroundings. Yasislas brings upbeat energy to any simple object she touches, like the cococarito (coconut milk cart) below. Chacalall comes up with fantastical creatures and animates them with a simple stereographic aesthetic that comes off like a lenticular print—which he also makes. Simon Gerbaud (previously) animates the process of sandpapering everyday objects into dust, which makes for highly satisfying loops.

Grab a cerveza and check out the product of these artists' hard work below.

Devon Van Houten Maldonado





Simon Gerbaud

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Are there artists who didn't make it on this list that should? Email their websites to us here.


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