These 3D-Printed Prosthetics Are 'More Than Human'

XSENSE's 3D-printed project brings art to artificial limbs.

Nov 21 2014, 4:00pm

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After blending rap, 3D printing, and traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony at TEDxTokyo earlier this year, XSENSE artists Yoshinori Sakamaki and Taketo Kobayashi introduce “More Than Human,” a set of designs for automail-inspired artificial limbs.

Not only are their prosthetics worthy of combatting homunculi and defeating cyberterrorism, the careful balance of strength and efficiency in their designs aim to help individuals overcome physical injury without compromising on style. “3D printing is the best technology to produce one-off shapes,” the team explained, “We would like to make the desire of wearer into real shape, so prosthetic limbs will not only be a tool to fill the loss of limbs, but also strengthen and reveal the identity of wearer.” 

Sakamaki and Kobayashi hope to expand their project to mechanical feet and beyond, with the help of engineer Ken Endo. For now, however, “More Than Human” shows that prosthetics can be unique, beautiful, and inarguably awesome.


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