[Watch] Undervolt & Co. Tease a New Season of Video Art

Switch off your "work mode" for a few minutes—it's actually all you need.

by Benoit Palop
Aug 4 2015, 6:10pm

All images courtesy of Undervolt & Co. 

Looking to kill a few minutes at work? Look no further than experimental video label Undervolt & Co.'s summer 2015 sampler. Founded by audiovisual artists Yoshi Sodeoka & Johnny Woods, Undervolt & Co. today offer up the premiere of three brand new audiovisual artworks by Suzy Poling, Robert Beatty and Brandon Blommaert, plus POV interviews, a new editorial project featuring original and detailed Q&A's with each artists.

Having pulled together the cream-of-the-crop of emerging experimental video artists over the last two years, the label aims to not only support contemporary audiovisual art and creativity at large—or blur the lines between analog and digital creative processes—but to offer a broadcast platform that allows artists to push the boundaries of their own mediums. Today, the initiative brings new names and fresh flesh—implicating new aesthetics—to the already-impressive artists roster affiliated to the label.

“Suzy Poling's Secret Door engages with sonic resonance, refraction of optics and mirrors, performance art and ritual,” Rea McNamara, editor at Undervolt & Co., tells The Creators Project. “Robert Beatty, an artist renowned for his album cover artwork for artists as diverse as Tame Impala and Vybz Kartel, ventures for the first time into video work that employs vintage television broadcast tropes. And Brandon Blommaert's e:e:e:e:e:e is a series of studies in how sound gestures can impact generative graphic abstract explorations, all within a green monochrome monitor aesthetic," she adds. There's little doubt that these kickass media artists are in-sync with the label's creative and aesthetic values.

An exciting new package is already planned for the fall (we aren't yet allowed to reveal any names), so in the meantime, here are a few screencaps and the videos in the Undervolt & Co. summer sampler. Enjoy.

And for more visual delights by Undervolt & Co., visit their website here.


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