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Live Projection Mapping And Glitch Combine For Total Sensory Experience

French collective NONOTAK to bring epic improvised light show to this year's Nuit Blanche Festival.

by Caleb Kramer
Sep 30 2013, 12:26pm

At Paris' Nuit Blanche, a globally held, annual night-time arts festival, one scheduled performance plans to combine some of the best elements of light, sound, and spectacle into a grand opus. Late Speculation, the latest work by NONOTAK Studio, made up of artist/illustrator Noemi Schipfer and architect/musician Takami Nakamoto, is a mesmerizing 40 minute long performance that uses projection mapping to experiment with the relationship between space, image, and sound. Late Speculation is the duo's first step into more improvisational live performances, where audiovisual elements are no longer looped, but rather created in-the-moment. Each performance will have a different result, with an element of surprise even for the performers.

Over the past two years, the duo have carved out a unique niche with similar, (choreographed) audiovisual performances such as Daydream v.1Dream Collapseand Isotopes v.2, which was performed at this year's Mapping Festival in Geneva.

Below, a brief video of Isotopes v.2:

Recently releasing a preview trailer for Late Speculation, the group created their immersive installation inside Le Générateur, a four hundred square meter open space within Paris city limits. In the performance, once the group began to play, a rigged projection mapping system produced holographic light presented in a variety of geometric forms, synchronized alongside electronic glitch and sub-bass. 

Below is the full the full trailer for Late Speculation, produced by A.D.A.A.M. If you can make it to Paris on October 5th, the first live performance of Late Speculation is scheduled for Nuit Blanche 2013 at Pavillion Carré de Baudouin. Nonotak will also be performing soon after at Le Générateur in Gentilly (the site from the video below) on November 28th.

For those curious about attending Nuit Blanche events in Paris, the full schedule is available here. That same evening Nuit Blanche will also be held in Toronto and Brussels.


All images courtesy of Tony Trichanh.

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