Sal Masekela Tells Desus and Mero About the Time He Got Stoned with Wu-Tang Clan Legends

The 'VICE World of Sports' host also talked about his experience working as an NBA sideline reporter.

by Sarah Bellman
Mar 22 2017, 1:38pm

Sal Masekela, the executive producer and host of VICE World of Sports, is one of the lucky few people who can actually say that he's toked up with some of the most iconic rappers in the game.

When Sal visited Desus & Mero Tuesday night, he told his fellow VICELAND hosts about the time he got high with his childhood friend Method Man, along with Cappadonna, Redman, and DMX, during an MTV sports and music festival. Apparently when you party with Wu-Tang Clan, you're going to go hard.

Sal also talked about his experience as a former ESPN host and what happened when he saw Shaq go ballistic after a Lakers game. Check out the clip below.

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