Banning Electronics from Flights 'Fails the Logic Test'

The US has indefinitely banned passengers from eight majority-Muslim countries from carrying electronics on planes.

by Jason Koebler
Mar 21 2017, 4:01am

Update: This story has been updated with specifics about the ban.

The Trump administration has indefinitely banned electronics larger than cell phones from being carried on planes by people flying to the United States from eight majority-Muslim countries.

The ban will apply to airlines flying directly to the United States from Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait City, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia. It will apply to all electronics larger than a smartphone. Other electronics, such as laptops, will be allowed in checked luggage. The New York Times reports that the ban is not related to any specific threat.

Security experts on Twitter noted that the Trump administration is sowing more baseless fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

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