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Envelop Yourself in Slowdive's First Song in 22 Years, "Star Roving"

The last time this band released new stuff, "alternative" was still a relevant term for music.

by Phil Witmer
Jan 12 2017, 4:39pm

Slowdive joined their fellow returning shoegaze OGs My Bloody Valentine and Lush (though the latter has sadly broken up again) when they reunited for some shows in 2014. Now they've made it official with their first new song since 1995. "Star Roving" is an amiable cloud-rocker with a Britpop chord progression and Neil Halstead's vocals residing somewhere in the soothing haze.

According to a press release, the song is the first of several new tunes the band has been working on. If there was ever a time to surrender to ultra-delayed, extremely reverb-heavy guitar-scapes, it's now. Listen to "Star Roving" below.

Photo by Ingrid Pop
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