Animal Collective Announce Stream of New Album, Centipede Hz

Animal Collective announce their stream of Centipede Hz, in "Transmission 3" of Animal Collective Radio

Another Sunday night draws to a close, and once again Animal Collective has taken us on a sonic adventure of their own design through Animal Collective Radio, with help from some of their distinguished guests. Avey Tare hosted tonight’s aural melee, bringing on The Blackouts, Ghost Capital, and Atlas Sound, who each contributed a chunk of tunes from their respective crates.

In addition to including some brand new songs of his own and Angel Deradoorian‘s within his mix, Avey Tare continued Animal Collective Radio’s trend of showing love for J Dilla, who also appeared on previous transmission as well as The Blackouts’ mix. Plenty of hard hip hop, electronic, and rock beats present, also courtesy of The Blackouts, followed by Ghost Capital’s playlist of delayed out, old school sounds from a diverse blend of music cultures, from classic Bollywood to classic dub. To top it all off, Atlas Sound rolls in with a strange brew of experimental synthetic sound and crackly rock n’ roll. All the details are in the track lists below.

But perhaps most exciting was Avey Tare’s announcement that Animal Collective will premiere their new albumCentipede Hz (Out Sept 4th) LIVE on Animal Collective Radio next Sunday, August 19th at 9PM EST on Animal Collective Radio.

You can hear the previous transmissions at the Animal Collective Radio Mixcloud page, so be sure to brush up on“Transmission 1” and “Transmission 2” if you haven’t already. Plus, there are a ton of additional mixes made by listeners which you can hear on Mixcloud. If you want to try your hand at making your own mix and contributing it to Animal Collective Radio, the band has packaged some sounds for you to use and has given detailed instructions here

Avey Tare

1. Andy Bey – “Tune Up”
2. Ellie Greenwich – “Chapel of Love”
3. The Three Suns – “Moonlight and Roses”
4. Bo Diddley – “Dearest Darling (Alternate Take)”
5. The Vulcans – “Asibiso Jungle”
6. Theorem “Recoil”
7. Francis Bebey – “Motema”
8. Son Thoeung – “Untitled”
9. J Dilla – “Body Movin’” (Instrumental)
10. Robin Gibb – “Diamonds”
11. Avey Tare (with Angel Deradoorian) – "Excaliber "
12. Omni Trio – “Renegade Snares”
13. Billy Love – "Can’t Keep Running Away "
14. Avey Tare (with The Deradoorian Sisters) – “Mr. Funny Man”
15. Avey Tare – “Bobby’s Loop”
16. Bob Marley and The Wailers – “Selassie Is The Chapel”

The Blackouts

1. A Tribe Called Quest – “Midnight Mauraders Tour Guide” 
2. Drake – “Crew Love feat. The Weeknd” 
3. Gary Bartz – “Carnaval De L’Esprit” 
4. Frank Ocean – “Sierra Leone” 
5. Drake – “The Real Her feat. Lil Wayne & Andre 3000” 
6. Zomby – “Godzilla” 
7. Battles – “Ipt-2” 
8. Tyler, The Creator – “Cherie” 
9. Creation Rebel – “Space Movement Section 1” 
10. Bad Brains – “I Love I Jah” 
11. Fugazi – “Shut the Door” 
12. Explosions In the Sky – "Yasmin the Light " 
13. John Coltrane – “Naima” 
14. Metallica – “Damage, Inc”
15. Burial – “Ghost Hardware”
16. Lee Scratch Perry – “Yellow Tongue (Kode 9 Dub)”
17. Joy Orbison – “GR Etiquette”
18. 2562 – “Nocturnal Drummers”
19. Traxman – "Rock You "
20. Deejay Earl – “Tru Love”
21. Supa Villain – “Detective (Feat. Critic)”
22. Raven Miyagi – "DJ PAUL MIXXIN X JUICY J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 95 
23. Denzel Aquarius’Killa CuRRy
24. Waka Flocka Flame – "Lil Debbie "
25. Frank Ocean – “White (feat. John Mayer)”
26. Busta Rhymes Dilla – “Show Me What You Got”
27. J Dilla and J-Rocc – “Show Me What You Got” (Instramental)

Ghost Capital

1. Thonghuad Faited – “Diew Sor Kid Hod Baan”
2. Aaron Neville – “How Could I Help But Love You”
3. Ghantasala & P. Susheela – “Lahiri Lahiri”
4. Eddie Hooper – “Pass It On (edit)”
5. Les Rallizes Denudes – “Night of the Assassins”
6. Rich & Famous – “Neutron Star”
7. Photodementia – “Sporobolus”
8. Black Uhuru – “Boof ‘N’ Baff ‘N’ Biff”
9. Tones On Tail – “Lions”
10. Catherine Ribeiro & Alpes – “Jusqu’a ce que la Force de t’aimer me Manque”
11. Kenan – “Viens Dans Ma Vie”

Atlas Sound

1. [spooky sounds]
2. The Silver Tones – “Midnight Thunder”
3. Calico Wall – “I’m A Living Sickness”
4. Ricky Nelson – “Waitin’ in School”
5. Gyorgy Ligeti – “Etude No. 1 – Harmonies”
6. Mvomo Asumu Andre & Essono Ona Pastor – “Preparatory music of the harp” 
7. Laurie Spiegel – “Old Wave”
8. The Individuals – “I really do”
9. Hugh le Caine – “Paulution (charnel no. 5)”
10. Chubby Parker – “Bib-a-lollie-boo”
11. Germs – “Victim”
12. Ferlin Husky – “Living in a Trance”

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