A Canadian Hockey Team Is Scrapping with Snoop Dogg over His Weed Business

Toronto's beloved Maple Leafs hockey team is in a full-on battle with Snoop Dogg for using a similar logo for his line of cannabis.
June 21, 2016, 9:00pm
As you can see in this ancient image, Snoop Dogg and the Toronto Maple Leafs were once cool with eac other. Now, they've been torn apart by their love for leafs (leaves?). Screenshot via YouTube

Two leaves in different styles and colors. Some generic white lettering. A questionable decision to misspell the plural form of the word "leaf." Apparently all these elements together are enough to spark a full-on legal battle between Snoop Dogg and the parent company of the NHL's Toronto Maple Leafs.

According to documents obtained by TSN, Snoop Dogg's marijuana line, Leafs by Snoop, filed a trademark application in November 2015 in the US for the company's current logo, which is a green pot leaf with seven points. Snoop's company, which sells eight strains of premium chronic, has been selling its products in North America's recreational pot wonderland, Colorado, since last November.

But, according to this legal battle, Toronto's beloved yet perpetually doomed pro hockey team is heated about the perceived similarity in its logo. On June 8, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (co-owned by Rogers, Bell, and Larry Tanenbaum) filed for additional time to detail its opposition against Leafs by Snoop.

Could this be the Maple Leafs admitting that their logo was never a maple leaf all along, but actually a pot leaf? With Canada about to become a major pot tourism destination as full legalization looms within the next year (if Trudeau holds true to his promise, that is), the Maple Leafs have a serious opportunity to align themselves with the booming cannabis industry. After all, pot would make upcoming Leafs' loses a lot more chill.

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